Best Margaritas in Omaha and Bellevue

Lil Burro Mexican Restaurant in Bellevue offers the area’s best margarita.  A secret family recipe blends three quality tequilas with other fresh ingredients to create a smooth and refreshing drink that is unlike any other.

Shane Ashelford, owner of Lil Burro, has been in the restaurant industry nearly all of his life.  Learning the best secrets to a good drink, Shane has combined this knowledge into his margaritas.

“My margaritas are super smooth and not acidic like you find other places, “says Shane.  “These margaritas are satisfying and won’t leave you with a heavy lime or sour aftertaste.  It’s the finest margarita you can have.”

Stop in today and taste what you’re missing!





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  1. Steve Devitt Avatar
    Steve Devitt

    I have owned Bill Webb’s 1970 1800E
    for the last 18 years and would be interested in selling it if you’re interested? Please let me know .

  2. mike Avatar


    Trust you are well. I work for a small health volunteer group. I will like to know if I can place a food order for pick up next week Saturday by 2 pm?

    The order is to cater to some health volunteer workers fighting against the dreadful outbreak of the COVID19. Kindly send me a copy of your takeout menu so I can place an order.

    We have made arrangement for a driver to pick up the order after payment on the stated date.

    Thanks in anticipation of a positive response.

    Best Regards,

  3. Gustavo Avatar

    Hola shane y olga como estsn saludos

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